Wooden floor concept for Kährs
Bachelor project 2008

A conceptual motion for tomorrow's wooden floors.

By combining the perfectly treated surface of the parquet floor and nature's organically waywardness, Eko (echo) intersects outside and inside, with focus on the wood's different qualities in these spaces. By giving the floor a three dimensional shape an experience of the product is created, rather than a passive 'state'. The three dimensional tree-roots establish a consciousness in the user and timidly calls the material's origin, the environment and our future on Earth to attention.

Wood is a persistent raw material with fascinating qualities thoughout its life – from seed to ashes. It's becoming increasingly important to reflect upon the origin of the products we suround ourselves with, what we're actually walking on, in order to establish higher affectional values than merely aesthetical. There needs to be a greater respect for the materials we take for granted. Eko is nature's own way of reminding us of this fact.